Adding a Global Comment to an Owner Statement

In REST Professional you have the ability to add a global comment onto an Owner Statement. This will print and preview with the comment on the bottom of the statement whether printed or emailed to the Landlord.

Setting up the Global Comment

  1. Go to Files > Descriptors and Comments > Master File and Transaction Comments and click on the Other tab

  1. From the options, select Global Statement Comment

If a permanent statement comment is required this can be used on its own or with the global statement comment and does not require the “print comments” to be ticked at time of printing. This will appear at the very bottom of the statement on the left margin.

  1. A notepad file will open and allow you to enter the comment that you would like to print on the owner statement (example below). Text must start from the left hand margin and not be more than 400 characters in length and a maximum of 5 lines (please note this does not ‘word wrap’).

If this is your first time entering a global comment in REST Professional, it will prompt you to create a new file. Click YES to this prompt.

  1. Go to File > Save and exit notepad.

Printing the Comment on the Statement

At the time of printing or emailing your Owner Statements, you must tick the Print Comments on the Statement Printing Screen.

Go to Reports > Owner >Statement Printing. If you tick this box, the comment will print at the bottom of all statements.

The “print comments” tick box defaults to not being ticked, so it is important that you ensure this is ticked prior to printing and emailing.

Example of Global Comment on Statement

The comment will appear centered at the bottom of the statement.

Example of Permanent Statement Comment on Statement

The Permanent comment will appear at the very bottom of the statement on the left margin.

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