How to Reproduce Owner Statements in REST Professional


You can reproduce current or prior month’s statements for an Owner at any time in REST. You can preview, print or email these statements. If you are a fileSMART user, you can alternatively reproduce prior month statements from the fileSMART program.


  1. Go to Reports > Owner > Statement Printing
    NOTE: Your menu may instead appear as Statements and Payments depending on your database

  1. Select criteria:

    • Month to print – Select the month you wish to reprint

    • Selection – Click on All for all owners, Range for an Alpha range or Select to choose which owners to reproduce

    • Group – Enter a group if required

    • Print Comments – Tick this box if you store a global comment on your owner statements

    • Send email statements – Tick this box if you require the statements to be emailed

    • Print Statements – Select the criteria you require

    • Account Types – Select Owners Only

    • Sort Order – Select the order you require

  2. Click Print-F12 and REST Professional will email any owners if applicable first and/or print as required

    NOTE: If you are only producing a statement for one owner and would like to preview this first click on Preview-F11 which can then be emailed clicking on the  icon and selecting Owner. Ensure that emailing through the preview screen in this manner is only done when select one owner and emailing.

02/02/2016 10:59 am AEDT

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