Setting Regional and Language Options to be Compatible with REST Professional

When loading REST professional onto a new computer, an error message can occur which relates to the regional and language options on that particular workstation.


The current date format setting for the workstation in which REST is operating is not compatible with REST, as REST requires a specific date format.


Note: As the Date Format settings may slightly differ between Windows operating systems, you can verify your workstation version in REST via Help > About REST > System Info.

When the Regional and Language Options error message appears when opening REST, click on Yes as this will automatically open the ‘Region and Language’ menu. If you cannot automatically access this menu, this can be accessed via Control Panel > Clock, Language and Region > Region and Language.

  1. In the Date and Time Formats section of the Formats tab, using the drop-down menu of the Short Date, select dd/MM/yyyy
  2. Click on Apply and then OK
  3. Exit out of the Control Panel and open the REST Professional program. REST should then proceed to the login screen.

19/12/2019 2:37 pm AEDT

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