How to Setup Web Advertising for Domain in Rest Professional


Domain can be configured to upload all property listings from Rest Professional, along with Advertising contacts to be listed with each property Ad. It is a requirement by Domain for each Advertising Contact to have a unique ID provided by Domain to activate this in Rest Professional.

This document will cover:

How to Setup a Web Advertising Portal for Domain

  1. Go to Other > Utilities > Company Details
  2. Click on the Advertising Tab 
  3. Click on Configure/view 
  4. Click Add 
  5. Service - Select the service from the list of services
  6. Agent ID - Enter your unique Agent ID given by Domain (numerical account number)
  7. Export format -this will default to
    NOTE: All other fields will be greyed out
  8. Click OK-F12

How to Setup a Domain Advertising Contact

  1. Go to Files > User
  2. Click on Search-F7 and select the user who you require to be a Domain Advert Contact
  3. Click on the User Profile tab
  4. Enter the user’s unique Domain user ID into the Domain ContactID field
  5. Click OK-F12 

How to Setup a Property to Upload to Domain

  1. Go to Files > Property and enter the alpha index of the property and press Enter
  2. Click on the Advert tab
  3. Ensure you have all of the Advert details populated
  4. On the Advertise Tab ensure the Advertise tick box is selected
  5. Under Services Selected ensure the tick box is selected
  6. In the Contact drop down box select the Domain Advert Contact required
    NOTE: If the contact you require is not in the drop down list, you have not set them up as a Web Advertising Contact in their Rest User Profile.

  1. Click OK-F12 
  2. To run a Web Advertising Upload go to Files > Web Advertising and click on Upload-F12 

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