Reports to Print Prior to Restore and Rekey of Data in Strata Master

When a 'Restore' is processed, a previous backup is selected to be the point at which the data is 'restored'.  It is important to acknowledge that any entries processed after that backup date and time will be wiped. These entries could be 

  • Receipts from the bank statements
  • Payments to Creditors
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Lot Owner contact detail updates
  • Levies posted and emailed to owners.

Before restoring data, it is important to 

  • Talk to Strata Master users and tell them the date and time the data will be restored to.  Allow them time to locate and record any details they will need to rekey after the restore. 
  • Print off a number of reports that will contain some of the data entered.

Immediate Restores

Strata Master Support always recommend a back up is processed prior to bank downloads, debt recovery runs, levies posting or bulk issuing, after bank reconciliations, and prior to importing from any other platform or file. This is because lengthy, complex and importing processes are at more risk.   In addition, you would be wise to process back ups prior to processing complex and/or unfamiliar transactions.

In these circumstances it would be expected that either none (because you have previously advised users that you may need to restore) or few entries have been made by other users, so restores can be made expediently.

Delayed Restores

Delayed restores will require advice to other users and collation of reports for later rekeying.

Reports lists not limited to but includes the following Formatted reports -

Cash Receipts



Strata Roll

Levy Postings

Audit Report ( found in Reports > Audit Trail Report ) 

Investment Reconciliation Summary

Management Fees

Outstanding Creditors

Reports for comparison checking for changes in addition to the reports above -

Annual Standard Management Fee

Chart of Accounts

Statement of Financial Position

Statement of Financial Performance

Strata Bank Balances (for single trusts)

Debt Recovery Stage 1, 2 and 3.

Strata Committees

Further Notes

Depending on the length of time required to rekey, you would be better to copy more reports than you feel your may need, rather than less.

If you are rekeying for a lengthy period of time, we would suggest the assistance of an MRI Rockend Consultant who can further advise of required reports, and assist with the rekey process.  For Consultant details, contact Strata Master Support. 

07/11/2022 6:31 pm AEDT

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