How to Send a Newsletter Through fileSMART PrintMail

fileSMART PrintMail can be used to send out newsletters to your tenants and landlords.

In order to do this, you will need to create a separate job design. Follow these steps to send a newsletter in PrintMail:

Create your Job Design:

Click on the Jobs button.

2. Click on the New button in the top centre of the screen.

3. Type the name of the job template into the Description field e.g. “Newsletter” (this description will only be seen by you)

4. Select your contact type e.g. Owners, Tenants or Creditors.

5. You can choose the sort order that will be used for the printed bundles or choose to leave it blank.

6. Select either the Current Month or Previous Month button. This is important if you intend to append the month to the email subject, or insert the ##Month## merge fiel in the body of the email.

7. Select the trust that holds the contacts you want to send to.

Note: For this particular job design, no documents should be selected to collate as the newsletter will be attached when creating the collation

8. Click on the Email Template tab.

  • Type in the subject and the body of the email.
  •  Tick the Append month to email subject box if you would like the name of the month to be included automatically in the subject line.
  •  Client on the Preview button to see what the recipients will receive.
  • To insert merge fields, images, hyperlinks or symbols, click on the Insert tab.
  •  When you are happy with the email message, select Save in the top left corner of the screen.

Attach and send your Newsletter:

1. Start your collation and select your newly created job.

2. On step 3, select the Edit button.

3. Select Browse under Attach Files and navigate to the file on your PC that you wish to attach.

4. Select the Add button to add the file to the collation for all emailed document recipients. When you are sending a PDF by itself, without any archived documents from fileSMART Archive the collation will only include email recipients. 

Note: Any file type can be attached however the recommended attachment file size is under 4MB.

20/09/2018 3:02 pm AEST

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