Installation Guides

View system requirements and articles on how to install STRATA Master.


How to Install a new STRATA Master Server
How to install STRATA Master on your computer or server. The instructions cover both a Single User and a Network Installation.
How to Install Strata Master onto a New computer
How to install the STRATA Master database on a new computer or workstation
How to Relocate a STRATA Master Database
How to Relocate a Strata Master Database Overview  The following instructions will help you relocate your Strata Master Database to a new server, repeat these steps for all databases (i.e Rentals and Sales) NOTE : We recommend that these s...
Strata Communicator Installation Guide
Strata Communicator Installation Guide WARNING: Strata Master must only be installed on the Strata Master server unless instructed otherwise by Rockend MRI. The Rockend Communicator Service provides secure access to Strata Master data over the i...
STRATA Master Custom Headers
How to create your own custom header for STRATA Master reports and levies
STRATA Master Cloud Hosting
What's required to run STRATA Master on the cloud?
Strata Master System Requirements
Strata Master System Requirements                    Full System Requirements Documentation The following are minimum and recommended system requirements for Strata Master. Whilst the p...
Supporting Microsoft Office Integration with Strata Master
Supporting Microsoft Office Integration with Strata Master Overview The purchase, installation and support of Microsoft Office is the responsibility of our Customers, this is generally managed by an IT Provider or associated Microsoft subscript...