How to Setup SMTP in REST


The SMTP option is setup to send bulk emails like owner and tenant statements, work orders and creditor remittance via an SMTP mail server rather then Microsoft Outlook. Using an SMTP will allow sending of bulk emails (which can also be done through outlook) and sensitive change alerts to be setup in REST.

When sending bulk emails through Microsoft Outlook, you are required to click “allow” for each email being sent.  This is allowing the REST program to access Microsoft Outlook.  Using an SMTP will overcome this issue.  You may also change the security settings in Outlook to overcome receiving the security ‘allow’ message (see document “How to Change Microsoft Outlook Security Settings”).

This document will cover:-

  • How to Setup of SMTP in REST

  • Troubleshooting when Emailing using SMTP

How to Setup of SMTP in REST

  1. You will need to ensure all users are logged out of REST to make changes in System Options

  2. Go to Other > Utilities >System Options and click on the SMTP tab and enter criteria

    • SMTP Server - Enter the address of your outgoing mail server Your tech or Internet Service provider can provide you with this information

    • BCC Address - Enter the email address that REST can send a copy of all emails sent. This will appear in the inbox of that email address and is your confirmation that the email has successfully been sent

     3. If Authentication is required complete the information as follows:-

  • SMTP Username

  • SMTP Password

  • Encryption – We recommend TLS

  • Port – default is usually 587

NOTE: if you are unsure if authentication is required or any of the details required in this field, please ensure you check with your IT provider

     4. Ensure you tick ‘Use SMTP email for statements and creditor remittances’

     5. Click OK-F12

NOTE:  SMTP emails are sent from the email address in Company Details.  This is where recipients will reply to.  Go to Other > Utilities > Company Details, click on General tab and check the ‘Email address' field

     6. Once you have set up the SMTP settings, go back into SMTP tab and click on Test current email settings to send a test email to the email address set up in here

     7. The following Test Email Configuration message should appear:

     8. Click YES and you should get a confirmation message that the email was sent successfully

Troubleshooting when emailing using SMTP

  • If you receive an ‘undelivered message’ for all emails sent, ensure that the SMTP details are correct.You may need to contact your Tech or Service Provider for more information.As per step 5 above, you can test email settings.We would recommend when testing that you use an external email in the ‘Sent Items Email Address’ for the test (i.e. you could put in a or other external email address as a test). The external email address will test that relay is enabled on the SMTP server. Ensure that you change the ‘Sent Items Email Address’ back to the original one used prior to testing. NOTE: If the test fails, you will need to clarify the SMTP information and mail server settings with your IT

  • If you have had a change of mail server/e-mail addresses the details in the SMTP Server information will likely need changing

  • If you receive a message that some emails have been delivered but some haven’t check that you have correct email addresses against the owner/tenants or creditors


  • If you receive a message that some emails have been delivered but others haven’t, this could also be a ‘quota’ issue.For instance your service provider might treat over 100 emails being sent at any one time as ‘spam’.You will need to contact your tech or service provider to increase this quota limit

  • Further information can be found in the SMTP log files, located in your REST database share under Logs\SMTPLogging.log.

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