How to Enter / Process Invoices in Strata Master

Invoices can be entered/processed in a number of ways -

1. In Strata Master in the Creditor Invoicing screen

2. In Strata Master in the Quick Pay screen -

3. In File Smart through workflow, which syncs into the File Smart Creditor Invoicing screen in Strata Master

4. In Strata Connect which syncs through to Strata Master. 

There are all additional steps and variations should validation be required.

In this article we will cover the steps to option 1 above being to enter an Invoice in the Creditor Invoicing screen.

 Also note that the entering of invoices is offered as training when a new agency commences using Strata Master.  Training can also be sought for new users of Strata Master. This article will supplement, but not replace training.

To Enter an Invoice

1. Click on the Cr Invoice icon in the Icon Toolbar.

2. A blank screen opens. Click Add.

3. Enter the Plan number and the proceed to enter the invoice details in the lower portion of the screen.

4. Minimal fields to be completed are 

  • Creditor (from drop down list), 
  • Expense account, here you may need to tick the box 'show accounts without a budget' to get a full list to choose from
  • Description of the expense, usually being what works were done and whether for a particular Lot
  • Amount, and 
  • Dates, due and date of the invoice.

5. If linked to a work order, you can use the drop down box to select.

6. If you are a new user, check this drop down box and see if any groups are listed. If groups are listed, check with your colleagues as to whether a group applies before you enter the invoice. A group is a 'cost centre'.  For information about groups, refer this link -

7. Invoice number is usually entered, however if non exists you can leave it blank, however it is better to enter NA, which is short for Not Applicable.

8. The invoice status is set on Pay by default. An invoice must show 'pay' before it will pay through the next stage. However this can be changed to 'Hold' if it required that the invoice is held for a while without payment. If the invoice is paid and then the payment cancelled, the invoice will return to this screen as 'Hold'.

Editing Note

While in Creditor Invoicing screen, the invoice has not been allocated any funds and can also be edited.

The Next Stage - Pay

The next stage is when an invoice is allocated funds from the available cash to pay the invoice.

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