Error Code 1721 When Upgrading STRATA Master


Windows error code 1721 when installing the STRATA Master upgrade is due to the User Account Control (UAC) settings on your machine preventing the upgrade program from running.

NOTE: You will need administrator privileges to change these settings.


  1. Click your Windows Start button > Search  > Type UAC - Hit enter 
  2. Make note of the placement of the slide bar as this indicates the current level of security on the PC
  3. Click and drag the slider down to Never Notify
  4. Click OK              
  5. Restart the machine for changes to take effect                                                                          


  1. After restart, right-click on your STRATA Master icon and select 'Run As Administrator'
  2. Click your Windows Start button > Search > Type UAC - Hit enter 
  3. Move the slide bar back to the original position and click OK

Alternatively, you can bypass the error by copying the install folder from the server to C:\Temp and run the installer as administrator. You will then need to run the installer as administrator. 

04/11/2019 9:12 am AEDT

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