Strata Master Version 11.5 including File Smart 7.10 and Portals Release

Training & Release Notes

File Smart Version 7.10 was released in conjunction with Strata Master Version 11.5 - Release notes are included in the Strata Master Release Notes below. 

Strata Master Version 11.5 includes an update to our existing Bulk BPAY functionality, extending our offering to 3 new banking platforms.  We have a new change allowing the option to adjust the default receipting allocation order in Strata Master, as well as an update to the bulk messaging function. Finally there are some bug fixes and additional updates provided as well. We have also added a fresh new update to the look and feel of our Owner and Committee Portals in this release!

Make the most of the new functionality by checking the release notes, or taking the online training course via the links below. The online training can be taken at your own pace, and you can view the content in any order, even skipping the features that don't apply to your business. It's even been designed to be just as easy to view on a smartphone or tablet!

Strata Master 11.5 & File Smart 7.10 Release Notes

Portals Release Notes (2019)

Self-paced Online Training - Rockend University

Upgrading Strata Master & File Smart

Strata Master Upgrade Instructions - Note that the Section 184 template will be replaced in the update. Follow the instructions in this video to prevent losing your customised templates

File Smart Upgrade Instructions - Ensure you have upgraded Strata Master prior to upgrading File Smart

09/09/2019 11:42 am AEST

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