Strata Master Portals Upgrade (2019)

The Strata Master Owner and Committee Portals Upgrade hasn't been released yet, but you can still use the information below to prepare for the release!

The Owner & Committee Portals have been available for Strata Master users as far back as Version 4.5, as a way for lot owners to have ready access to information about their properties online 24/7. The Portals provide information on finances, meetings, maintenance and more via a secure connection to the information in your Strata Master database.

The 2019 upgrade to the Portals provides your Owners and Committee Members with a refreshed look and feel, as well as increased functionality to assist with improving communication and service delivery.

At the moment you can prepare for the release of the Portals Upgrade by following the upgrade or installation guides below. After the release we'll be updating this article with additional resources to take advantage of the new functionality.

Essential Setup

This article will provide instructions to upgrade your Portals to take advantage of the new functionality, or how to set up the Portal for the first time. 

If you haven't used the portals before, follow the steps for All Users below, then continue to the section for New Portals Users to make sure you're ready to activate the portals as soon as the upgrade is available.  

All Users

If you've already got the portals running, there are a number of steps you can take now to prepare for the release of the upgraded Owner & Committee Portals. To ensure you're ready to use the new portals, you will need to:

  1. Ensure you have upgraded to Version 11.0.2 of Strata Master or higher.
    • To check which version you are running, click Help > About Strata Master. Your version number is displayed on the next screen. 
    • If you need to upgrade, follow the upgrade instructions on the Knowledgebase which can be found here
  2. The upgraded Portals will give increased customisation of branding, including new headers and footers and a background image for the website. If you want to update your existing banners, the dimensions required are:
    • Header banner: 1440 x 120 pixels
    • Footer banner: 1440 x 75 pixels
    • Background image: 1600 x 859 pixels
      Note: The background image is optional, as a small selection will be provided by Rockend upon upgrade.
  3. A brochure has been designed by Rockend for your use, either to advise lot owners regarding portal functions or as a business development tool. To customise this to your company branding, you will need the following:
    • Template download and Instructions
    • Letterhead: 852 x 120 pixels
    • Letter footer: 852 x 80 pixels 
    • (Optional) Screenshot from smartphone of your customised portal: 174 x 346 pixels
      Note: A sample image will be provided, as this will not be possible until after the upgrade has been made available by Rockend. 
  4. If you haven't activated the portals before, proceed to the section for New Portals Users below. 
  5. If you have previously activated the portals, keep an eye on your email for notification that the Portals have been upgraded, then check back here for additional information.

New Portals Users

If you haven't activated the portals before you can also install and activate the Communicator service before the upgrade is available. 

  1. Install the Strata Communicator
  2. Activate the Owner & Committee Portals on the Strata Communicator
  3. Consolidate duplicate owner contacts - To ensure that each lot owner has a single login for the lots in their portfolio, Rockend recommends consolidating any duplicate contact records. Find out more by viewing the webinar on Owner/Committee Portal Setup - On Demand E-Learning (skip to 14:24 to view consolidating duplicate contacts.
  4. Keep an eye on your email for notification from Rockend that the Portals have been upgraded, then check back here for additional information. 

Additional Resources

Rockend has provided or updated a number of other resources relating to the Owner & Committee Portals to make it easier for your customers to access and use the Portals to the full potential. 

20/06/2019 12:56 pm AEST

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