How to Create a Rent Invoice in REST Professional

In REST Professional you are able to generate an Invoice for Rent, Outgoings and any invoices due. This is mostly used for Commercial Tenants who require an invoice for Rent and Outgoings payable for the month.  If you have the Advanced Commercial Module, also see article Understanding Commercial Reports in REST Professional

  1. Go to Reports >Tenants > Tenant Statement/Invoice Printing and select the relevant tenant or leave as All to print all Tenant Statements.
  2. Select the Class – All, Residential or Commercial.

  1. Un-tick Print Invoices only, when this is un-ticked a new item appears Due Date for Rents.
  2. Change the Due Date for Rents to a date in the future so that it collect that period of rent that you are requiring to invoice.

If you want to produce a rent invoice for the next month’s rent for a commercial tenant, you would advance the date so that it picks up that period of rent due.

EXAMPLE: If on 18 July you want to generate rents due from 01/08/13 – 31/08/13, you would advance the due date for rents to 31/08/13. By putting in the last day of the period to be collected, it will ensure that any outstanding invoices or rent and outgoings right to the end of the period will appear on the invoice.

06/09/2017 3:40 am AEST

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