How to Process a One Off Owner Payment – Clearing Statements


A one off owner payment may be required outside of the usual clearing statement and payment process.

This document will cover:

  • How to Process a one off Clearing Statement and Payment

This process will clear a statement as well as payout the owner. If you do not wish for a statement to be printed/cleared, you must use the menu option, Reports > Owner > Owner Advanced EFT or Owner Advanced Cheque as required to payout by EFT or Cheque.

How to Process a one off Clearing Statement and Payment

  1. Go to Reports > Owners > Clearing Statements and Payments and select your criteria:
  • Select By Uncleared Funds – It is recommended you use the Select by uncleared funds option to ensure that the funds you will be sending have been cleared
  • Select – Select the owner/s you wish to pay
  • Print Zero Balance Statements – Leave this unticked unless printing a zero balance statement
  • Print YTD totals – Tick if you wish to display the YTD totals on the owner statement
  • Print Comments – Tick to include global and individual comments if applicable
  • Send e-mail statements – Tick to send the statements via email if applicable

  1. Click Print-F12
  2. Follow the prompts on each of the message pop up screens to print the statements and cheques.
  3. Once the process is complete ensure create your file for upload to bank if paying EFT. Go to Transactions > Create EFT File (ABA) for upload to the bank and click Print-F12

NOTE: Don’t forget to ensure you import your ABA file into your banking software

02/02/2016 10:52 am AEDT

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