How to Setup to Email Tenant Statement Invoices in REST Professional


You can set up your system to bulk email your tenant statement/invoices in REST.

There are three steps involved in setting this up and sending your invoices by email:-

  • Setup your System Options to Email Tenant Statement
  • Setup to bulk email against your Tenant Card
  • Tick to send email statements at the time of printing the statement/invoices.

System Options Steps

You must ensure you have your System Option ticked to ‘E-mail Tenant Statements’ first.

  1. Go to Other > Utilities > System Options
  2. Click on the Statements tab
  3. Under Tenant Statement/Invoice, tick “Email tenant statements”

Optional: if you would like to print a copy of the tenant invoice that has been sent via email tick the “print emailed invoice/ statement”. If you only want the invoice printed if not sent via email then have this option un-ticked.

Tenant Details Setup

You will need to set each tenant up on their individual tenant card to have their Statement emailed.

  1. Go to Files> Tenant
  2. Click on the Invoices Tab

  1. Under Statement Control, tick the “send bulk invoice/ statement by Email”
  2. Click OK-F12

This will then ensure that the invoice will be sent to the accounts contact (if applicable) for that tenancy when you do your bulk Statement Invoices each month.

NOTE: You can check who the Accounts Contact is on the General Tab of the Tenant Card. You can only have one accounts contact selected for every tenant.

Emailing Tenant Statement/Invoices

  1. Go to Reports > Tenant > Statement/Invoice Printing
  2. Select your criteria i.e. / select your tenants or select a Class
  3. Tick ‘Send email statement’
  4. Click PRINT-F12

It is important when you are emailing your monthly tenant Statement Invoices you tick the ‘Send E-mail Statements’ tick box and always click Print.

NOTE: If you want to preview your statements prior to sending you can do so, however it is important that you do not email from the preview screen as this will not email correctly.

10/03/2016 10:09 am AEDT

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