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Strata Master Owner and Committee Member Portal Upgrade (2019) New
Strata Master Portals Upgrade (2019) The Strata Master Owner and Committee Portals Upgrade hasn't been released yet, but you can still use the information below to prepare for the release! The Owner & Committee Portals have been availabl...
Strata Master Version 11.0 Release Notes
Strata Master Version 11.0  Upgrade Training & Release Notes Strata Master Version 11.0 includes an update to the bulk communication wizard, some additions to Owner Invoices to give more flexibility, and some changes to the portals that w...
 Upgrading STRATA Master
How to upgrade your version of STRATA Master to the latest release.
Error Code 1721 when upgrading STRATA Master
Error Code 1721 When Upgrading STRATA Master Overview Windows error code 1721 when installing the STRATA Master upgrade is due to the User Account Control (UAC) settings on your machine preventing the upgrade program from running. NO...