Installing Rest Professional on Windows 11

At this stage REST Professional is not supported on Windows 11, further details below.

Due to unforeseen changes in Windows 11 that effect some functionality in Rest Professional, we recommend you postpone any unrequired upgrades to Windows 11 at this stage. 

The issue that has been identified so far is the rendering of text associated with certain drop down boxes. The example image below appears in the Communications section of an Owner Master File, where you can see the text fails to render correctly. 

We are currently working to identify if this issue will be resolved in a Windows 11 update, or if this requires changes to a future release of Rest Professional. If you have upgraded to Windows 11 and are experiencing this issue, you may need to consider rolling back to Windows 10. 

We will update this article as soon as a workaround or resolution has been identified. 

15/11/2021 1:07 pm AEDT

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