How to Search for Transactions in REST Professional


REST Professional allows you to do a transaction search based on the criteria selected. You are able to search for any transaction in the current month or in previous months by selecting a date range.

This document will cover:-

  • How to Do a Transaction Search
  • Example of a Transaction Search Report

How to Do a Transaction Search

  1. Go to Cashbook > Transaction Search


  1. Enter the search criteria as required:-
  • Type of Transaction – Select one or all types of transactions for which to search. i.e. Select rent receipts to search for tenant rent receipts. Click Select All to select all types of transactions, or you can select the specific type of transaction you are searching.
  • Date Range – Select the range of dates between which to search for the required transactions. The wider the range of dates, the longer the search will take.
  • Amount Range – Enter the range of transaction amounts. i.e. To search for transactions of $250.00, enter $250.00 to $250.00.
  • Receipts/cheque range – If you are searching for a receipt, enter the receipt number if known. If you are searching for a payment, enter the cheque number if known.
  • Account Code Contains – Enter an account (BOMA) code to search for all transactions in a period for the account code. i.e. Enter account 251 (Cleaning) to view a list of disbursements for cleaning in a period.
  • Operator Initials – If you use passwords, enter the operator initials to view a list of transactions posted by that operator for the period.
  • Description Contains – Enter any part of the description of the transaction for which you are searching. I.e. enter ‘plumbing’ to find all transactions containing the word plumbing.
  • Invoice no. contains – To find a disbursement when all you know is the invoice number, enter any part of the invoice number
  1. Click Print - F12 or Preview - F11

NOTE: As with most search features, less information is often more effective then entering too much information which results in the transaction not being found.

Example of Transaction Search Report

The report will show Date, Reference, Type of transaction, Details, Property, Owner, Tenant/Creditor, Operator initials, BOMA codes and the amount including GST.

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